Ferguson Farms

Working English Horses
Irish Wolfhounds

About Ferguson Farms

Photos will be added to this site on a continuous basis, so please keep checking back because if you foxhunt with me--you might get caught instead of Wylie.....Tally-Ho! Ferguson Farms is located in Goshen, Arkansas is owned and operated by Fara Ferguson. Fara has Irish Wolfhounds and breeds a few quality horses for trail riding and foxhunting. Specializing in American Quarter Horses, Appaloosas, and draft crosses. Irish Wolfhounds are a passion, so there will be a couple liters availible to carefully selected homes. Fara also dabbles in photography with horses, foxhunting, pets, and nature being her main focuses. She is a member of and photographer for Misty River Foxhounds out of Huntsville, Arkansas and a member of Washington County Mounted Search and Rescue. When Fara is not playing with horses wolfies, or volunteering, she is a student at North Arkansas College in Harrison, Arkansas.